Terms and conditions

These Terms refer to the conditions in which the site www.isotek.ro may be used.

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Isotek Engineering Ltd offers you the possibility to subscribe as a client to the news service by e-mail. Your use of the received contents shall be in accordance with these Terms.

Registering as a client is valid for one user. Upon registering, you shall opt for the client username and password. As far as the e-mail address given upon registering is concerned, you are the one that guarantees that you have the right to use it, to receive e-mails at this address.

If Isotek Engineering Ltd shall receive an address from the owner of right of that address (e.g. your employer), that does not want to receive the newsletters anymore, Isotek Engineering Ltd shall cease to send the requested e-mails without prior notification.

Isotek Engineering Ltd does not take responsibility for the occurred damage during the use of the site’s services. These rules are in accordance with the Romanian law in force. The conflicts occurred related to the terms of use of this site shall be submitted to be resolved to the competent courts of law from Bucharest.